Zombie Virus Fps

Zombie Virus Fps

About game «Zombie Virus Fps»

Zombie Virus Fps game is an excellent shooting game with many zombies. A dangerous virus has hit the planet, which has already spread over a small area that has been taken under the control of the military. You play as a soldier who must fight the zombies created by the virus. Your comrades give you tasks to complete during the game. Each new level in the game becomes a new challenge for the player. At the beginning of the game, you are only given a pistol, but in the course of the game you can get new weapons, such as an Uzi, an AK assault rifle, a machine gun and more. The playing area will constantly change, you will carry out painful missions in an abandoned city and even inside a large factory. With each passed level, the number of zombies will increase, and with it their strength will grow. To be able to survive and kill all the zombies, you need to buy new weapons and more ammo.

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