Us Commando

Us Commando

About game «Us Commando»

The satellite got the data that a terrorist base had been found in the desert. However, we are not sure that the villains are there, perhaps it is someone else. You have to verify the information and for this I sent your Us Commando group. A few smart guys, together with you, landed near a big stone wall. You must enter the gate, and there it will be known with whom you are facing. Be ready, you were dropped light, so you don't have a serious weapon yet. But it will appear as soon as possible. Shoot the military you see, they will definitely shoot without warning. Do you love army battles and world war? Are you insane to be part of the special assault commandos in the fighting of the war? Army combat game US military mission in action part of elite commando war mission game in which you are part of the last commando squad on the final battle.

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