Tricky Tap

Tricky Tap

About game «Tricky Tap»

In the new application Tricky Tap, a room will be visible on the screen, which gradually gets full of hours of white. You will have to clear the space of these items. To do this, you will apply a black watch. In them you will notice how the arrow is moving at a particular speed. The arrow will show in what direction you may move. Watch attentively at the screen and, choosing the right the moment, tap on the screen with the mouse. Then your object will dash and, in contact with the white clock, will eliminate it. Only a keen eye and endurance will be your helpers on the thorny path to success. But if you turn to mindfulness games more often, you will develop a tenacious gaze and learn to discern even the smallest chaos. You can play this game on various kinds of devices for completely free on our website.

Watch how to play: