Tank Defender

Tank Defender

About game «Tank Defender»

The Tank Defender game invites us to take control of a big one and try to survive in a tough war against enemy vehicles. Build your army on top of the tank trying to defend it from the army of robots. Choose which troops will be on your team, then drag them to one of the three positions on the tank. Use your best strategy to keep the tank in full health while firing back at enemies at the same time. Try to survive as long as possible to top the leaderboard. In the game, you will have access to only 3 tanks, which can be bought for a certain number of coins and only upon reaching the required level. Click and drag your soldiers into the tank, and they will shoot back from enemies. You have only 3 types of soldiers: machine gunner, bazooka, repairman and shotgun. Choose them before starting a fight. During the game, you need to put your soldiers on the tank in time. In total, the tank has 3 places where soldiers can be planted.

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