Spacy Hunter

Spacy Hunter

About game «Spacy Hunter»

We hope that you are not tired yet, as we have another surprise for you - the game Space Hunter! By the name, you probably understood that the action of the game will take place in space. So get out your powerful suits - and catch up, I'm already waiting in orbit for the first planet. We really liked that each new level is a new planet! So much for your journey in space! You turn it on, you start to play - and immediately your soul becomes so warm and light... Fantastic, in general. Oh, we are somehow distracted again... Spacy Hunter, so ... Good game, no, really! Nice interface, interesting levels with only one task - to get to the end safe and sound, and it will not be so easy, since the complexity in this toy sometimes goes off scale. But don't be afraid, the main thing is not to break. Have much fun!

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