Space Shooter Alien

Space Shooter Alien

About game «Space Shooter Alien»

Space Shooter Alien is a game for real fearless super pilots who are ready to fight for peace and freedom of people. Only here you will find an exciting outer space of fire and battle. Once upon a time, space belonged to civilians and peace reigned in its space. But one day the enemies came who do not reckon with anything. They want to rule over the freedom that is given to you. Leave them no chance to win. A lot depends only on you and your abilities. All you need to complete tasks and missions is the ability and professionalism to control a space fighter. The stars are on your side and they will help you to win. Trust the stars and collect them for the next mission. At the beginning of the game, only the first of 11 ships is available to you. You can play the game on various types of devices.

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