Space Attack

Space Attack

About game «Space Attack»

Space Attack is a game in which you cannot spare enemies and criminals, in particular, these are aliens. These creatures are preparing a plan to take over the earth and want to rule the entire galaxy. Earthlings are ready to put all their forces on the protection of the earth, and for this they create spaceships at the peak of modern technologies. They equip such ships as much as possible with the best laser cannons and rocket launchers that are activated during the game. The game offers 12 planets that you will free from aliens as you progress. All that you need you have, do not waste a minute of time, sit at the helm of your space fighter and fly into the enemy's lair to defeat him. To improve the combat abilities of your ship, collect gems for weapons and shields of temporary protection against enemy bullets along the way. Do not spare the shells on the enemy, as they are endless, bomb with nuclear missiles and get the most points.

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