Shark Hunting

Shark Hunting

About game «Shark Hunting»

The shark is the thunderstorm of all oceans and seas, and not everyone dares to appear in front of her, so it’s even scary to think what will happen if you accidentally run into it. In this game, this predator acts as a bloodthirsty hunter, striving to catch the unfortunate fish and eat it, but for this you have to wait for a certain moment. Here the shark finds itself in a difficult situation, since schools of various fish, both small and large, will constantly move towards it. In some moments, she is not able to survive the slightest touch of a particular type of fish. You will have to be careful not to come into contact with those underwater inhabitants that are now dangerous for the shark. Survive in this dangerous world to regain the title of a formidable predator. Have much fun, dear friends!

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