Robot Mania

Robot Mania

About game «Robot Mania»

It turns out that not only beautiful and graceful princesses are sitting in a high and impregnable tower, but also robotic girls who are waiting for their betrothed. But in order for them to hear their call, they have to give a special signal. Such a signal was caught by one of the robots, which immediately followed his call. And to get to the goal he will have to pass many obstacles. He has to jump over high walls, wade through huge hammers and other obstacles. And for this you just need to perform certain actions - be it a jump, squat or using jetpacks. At the same time, all this must be done in a timely manner, because their number will be limited. To help the robot get to the beloved one will have to use the mouse. Play this game on various types of devices for completely free on our website.

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