Catch The Thief

Catch The Thief

About game «Catch The Thief»

The police have a lot of work and we don't see most of it, but we feel it by the level of crime on the streets. In the game Catch the Thief, you will find yourself in a city where thieves until recently felt at ease. They robbed small traders, climbed into private apartments and houses, and everything got away with, because the local police had an agreement with the bandits. But recently a new policeman has appeared. He arrived from another city, where, according to rumors, he brought perfect order. The newcomer is known for his intransigence and the thieves got worried. They began to fuss and make mistakes, and our hero decided to take advantage of this. Help him catch all the thieves and freeze them. Demonstrate us your best skills and become the best player of this game! Are you ready to play? Then go ahead!

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