Plane War

Plane War

About game «Plane War»

A terrible air fighter battle begins! During the execution of a combat mission, you were surrounded by enemy planes and there is no turning back. Your task is to kill all enemies and free yourself from enemy captivity. Kill or be killed, that's how the question suddenly became! Remember, it makes no sense to wait for mercy, the battle must end with victory and your freedom. Keep your guns ready and mindful of your safety. Be unpredictable and always one step ahead. In Plane War, you do not have time for training, which means that you will have to become a cool and experienced pilot during the battle. Shoot accurately and shoot down as many planes of ruthless opponents as possible before they do it for you. Your semi-automatic sight will take aim in its zone and will not give the enemy fighter a chance to escape from pursuing small missiles. Your fighter is very well equipped with a weapons arsenal and has: drop bombs, a machine gun with an infinite ammunition charge, 10 missiles and two heavy missiles that leave no chance for the enemy to survive. Dodge enemy fire with unrealistic reaction speed to stay alive.

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