Num Cannons

Num Cannons

About game «Num Cannons»

In the game Num Cannons, you can use mathematics to protect the virtual world from the invasion of colorful balloons. It seems to you that the falling balls are not a problem, but imagine that there are so many of them that you cannot see the white color and then you need to get rid of them. We have installed four numbered cannons. You need to choose an action: subtraction, multiplication, division, or addition. The falling ball has a mathematical example on its side. You have to solve it quickly, and the correct answer is the number of the gun from which you need to shoot. Any other weapon simply won't work. We wish you to prove yourself and not only have a good time, but also useful. We are sure you will like it! Improve your logic skills and gain a lot of new knowledge! Have much fun, dear friends!

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