Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus

About game «Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus»

The world is drowning in pandemic. Residents of the city, infected with a dangerous coronavirus, after their death transformed into all sorts of zombies. In the application Masked Forces Vs Coronavirus, as member of a special forces army, clean several towns from these walking dead. Only you can perform thus important mission, because other heros were killed by coronavirus. Your hero, equipped with all necessary ammo, will be in a particular place. Tapping the control buttons, you will guide your character in the direction you want. Watch around attentively and, once you spot a monster, direct your gun's sight at it and shoot. Bullets hitting zombies will kill them, and you will get award for this. Save the city from this monstrous disease and kill all the evil creatures you see on the streets. You will handle it!

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