Masked Forces: Dark Forest

Masked Forces: Dark Forest

About game «Masked Forces: Dark Forest»

The guys in masks are always ready to perform any task in any territory. But this time they will go to an ordinary forest, where groups of strange creatures have appeared, similar to walking skeletons. They are very dangerous and it is not yet known how to deal with them. You have to be the first to understand what can destroy monsters. Get ready for a while to become a fighter of an elite unit that is sent to one of the hot spots to stop the enemy's plans there. Masked Forces: Dark Forest will send you to a three-dimensional world of battles, where there is no place for girls, where weapons and skill decide everything. In general, come up with a name for your fighter, prepare ammunition and start the mission! Before you start performing a combat mission, select the battle mode, there are only two of them, but this is enough to shoot plenty.

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