Kogama Real Pvp

Kogama Real Pvp

About game «Kogama Real Pvp»

Every day, games in which you can meet real opponents are becoming more and more popular and there is nothing more surprising in this, such games have always been and will be the most gambling and in demand. Today, thanks to new developments in the gaming industry, we can play with friends and players from all over the world without installing large game clients, it is enough to launch the game in the browser, and you are already in a battle, such as in the new shooter - Kogama Real Pvp. And if you pay attention to the name of the game, then it immediately becomes clear what we are dealing with, and a fairly high-quality case, since in the Kogama games everything is worked out to the smallest detail! What should be remembered about the Kogama universe? Well, the first and most important thing is lava, it is certainly not the usual color for us, and if you suddenly notice a field of light green color, in no case step on it, this is lava and it will take your life away.

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