Kingdom Defence Alien Shooting

Kingdom Defence Alien Shooting

About game «Kingdom Defence Alien Shooting»

Quite recently, we found ourselves drawn into the history of the seizure of the kingdom by dark forces, but the glory of all the warriors, victory was ours, and the sorcerer Veznan was defeated. But the death of the sorcerer was taken advantage of by the dark forces, who decided to continue his work and stole his mantle, this may mean that the forces of darkness are gathering their troops again and very soon they will have to fight for the kingdom, which again found itself in danger. Since you have shown yourself as the best commander, the soldiers will follow you without hesitation. Unfortunately, there is no time for preparation, so gather your troops now and get ready to lead them through vast spaces. Be prepared for anything, as there are bottomless caves in front of them, fraught with horror and fear, wild jungles with merciless and bloodthirsty animals that look more like fantastic monsters, and endless deserts with terrible storms and huge insects that sting everyone who tries to pass through their territory. At the end of the journey you will find the one who led the army of darkness and his name is Malagar, the main dark one in the entire history of Kingdom Defence Alien Shooting.

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