Infinity Battlefield Ops

Infinity Battlefield Ops

About game «Infinity Battlefield Ops»

Infinity Battlefield Ops is an adventurous shooter in which you will participate in a strict war for justice and peace. You perform the mission of a courageous servant, and you will need to fulfill a responsible mission. You need to handle a squad of invaders in all 10 tasks that are hiding in a countryside. Your mission in this shooter is to approach as close to the opponent as you can and attempt to eliminate him, while rescuing yourself. You need to be a quick and accurate shooter in this challenging fight. At the point of your location, an amazing hummer has already been carried to your help, so that you get rid of all the villains as soon as you can. Passing missions you get a cash reward and you can spend it to buy one of 6 more elite rifles. We wish you good luck and an easy victory. Have much fun!

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