Heli Defence

Heli Defence

About game «Heli Defence»

Do you like war games? And do you like planes? If both answers are "Yes", then this game is for you! The enemy attacked suddenly and immediately captured half of the territory, his advance must be delayed in order to redeploy and start an attack. A combat helicopter has been sent to intercept and you are on board as a pilot. This flight may or may not be the last one if you deftly control in the game Heli Defence and shoot accurately at the enemy. The enemy deployed troops on the ground and in the air, you will be attacked simultaneously by fighters, diving from above, and tanks, firing from below. The situation is stalemate, but not for you, deftly maneuvering honey with flying shells and missiles, shoot down planes and bomb enemy ground troops. Show what you are capable of, it depends on you the outcome of the battle in the game Helidefence.

Watch how to play: