Gungame 24 Pixel

Gungame 24 Pixel

About game «Gungame 24 Pixel»

In the adventurous new application Gungame 24 Pixel, you and hundreds of other gamers from around the globe will immerse into a universe where war is waged between people and the walking dead. Try to win this skirmish Royale is a first person shooter in which you have a bunch of loves enemies, soldiers and zombies. Everyone is an enemy oriented towards everyone. Enjoy the gorgeous blue style, and take care not to get killed. Choose from five game modes such as gun games, survival, TDM, DM and more. Choose your character between 3 teams, and play multiplayer games with friends and offline from level 40. They already had a large number of weapons and the ability to change weapons came and attachments by pressing the Q and E keys. You can play this game on various types of gadgets and devices for completely free. Have fun!

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