Dinosaurs Survival Active Vulcan Multiplayer

Dinosaurs Survival Active Vulcan Multiplayer

About game «Dinosaurs Survival Active Vulcan Multiplayer»

Do you like shooting games? And dinosaurs? If the answer to even one question is yes, then you are on the right page. In the new game Dinosaurs Survival Active Vulcan Multiplayer you will find yourself in the distant past of our world, when dinosaurs still lived on earth. Your character will find himself in a valley near an active volcano. The hero will be armed with a variety of automatic weapons. You will need to carefully look around as you move along the valley. You will be attacked by various types of dinosaurs. You will have to aim your weapon at them and open fire to kill. Each dinosaur you kill will earn you a certain amount of points. Your task is not to miss a single dinosaur, and kill everyone, otherwise they will eat you. Earn as many points as possible and prove that you are the best player.

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