Corona Vaccine

Corona Vaccine

About game «Corona Vaccine»

At the moment, an epidemic of a dangerous coronavirus is raging in the world. People who get this virus can die. Therefore, our world will not be able to return to normal life until scientists invent an effective vaccine. In the game Corona Vaccine you will have to go to fight the virus. Virus bacteria will appear on the screen in front of you, located on the playing field in various places. To destroy them, you will use an antidote syringe. You will need to click on it with the mouse and thus cause a running arrow. Now, with its help, you will aim at the bacterium and throw a syringe at it. Once in the virus, you will destroy it and get points for it. Try to completely cleanse our world of this virus so that humanity can quickly return to normal life! Have much fun, dear friends! Share your emotions with others!

Watch how to play: