City Encounter

City Encounter

About game «City Encounter»

Welcome to the city! It is never quiet and peaceful here. And all because feuding cowboys live here. These guys just can't stand each other calmly and at every opportunity they try to grab each other's throats or shoot them. This time, their meeting will alarm many militant residents. In City Encounter, you should call a friend for help and play for two. You will play with these shooters who hate each other and are ready to tear the enemy to shreds. But this time it won't be a simple hassle. You will be joined by other residents of the city, who are ready to do anything to get rid of the ever-warring enemies. One of you will play with a blue arrow, and the other with a red one. You will be able to get into the car and ride along the roads, simultaneously knocking down your rivals. Also, you can shoot directly from the car. During shootouts, you will be dropped bonuses by parachutes. Hurry to take them before your opponent does. There may be a cool cannon that will help you get rid of your opponent once and for all. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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